UCAS Conservatoires Decisions Explained

Guaranteed Unconditional Offers (GU)

Based on the information you have given on your application form, you have already met the conditions for entry. Unless your application and/or qualifications are subsequently shown to be fraudulent, a guaranteed unconditional offer is binding upon the conservatoire.

Guaranteed Conditional Offers (GC)

Your offer is subject to you meeting certain conditions, usually examination results. Unless your application and/or qualifications are subsequently shown to be fraudulent, the offer is binding upon the conservatoire if you accept the offer and meet the conditions.

Reserve Offers (VU or VC)

Unless you have received (and accepted) a guaranteed offer (GU or GC) from RWCMD, you have not been accepted to study at the College. A reserve offer (VU or VC) does not mean a place has been ‘reserved’ for you; it means that RWCMD is not able to offer you a guaranteed place at the time it makes the offer. A reserve offer merely indicates that RWCMD would like the opportunity to review its offer to you in the light of acceptances/declines to its guaranteed offers. You will become part of a ‘pool’ of reserve candidates and RWCMD may choose to make you a guaranteed offer if a suitable place becomes available. If the College chooses not to make you a guaranteed offer, you will not be eligible to start at the College.

In order to be considered for a guaranteed place (should one become available) you will need to accept the reserve offer (and meet any conditions if applicable).

Only a small number of reserve offers are made. Unfortunately we cannot confirm when you will hear whether or not we will be able to offer a guaranteed place. Reserve offers are reviewed continually but changes are more likely to be made in the period following the acceptance deadline and in the summer examination results period.

There is no order of rank to the reserve list; if any places become available, academic staff look at all of the applicants holding a reserve offer before deciding to whom they wish to make a guaranteed offer.

The College can elect to make you a guaranteed offer at any time during the application cycle. Reserve offers remain active until after A-Level results have been issued in August, so you could have a reserve offer until the end of August. The decision to wait and see whether a guaranteed place becomes available, or to accept an offer at another conservatoire, is entirely at your discretion.

Unsuccessful (Reject)

Unsuccessful decisions mean you have not been offered any type of place. Reserve (VC / VU) offers will change to unsuccessful if and when the College can confirm that no further guaranteed places are available.