Teaching Staff

Sean CrowleyHead of Design
Sean Crowley

Sean Crowley studied at Wimbledon School of Art and has since worked across the design spectrum in film, opera, theatre and television. He has been Wales’ most prolific theatre designer over the past 11 years, designing over 150 productions for companies across Wales, the UK and Europe. Sean became Head of Design at RWCMD in 1999 and is also the college’s Director of Drama. Sean is the Chair of the Society of British Theatre Designers and Project Leader for World Stage Design to be held at the College in September 2013. He has been a member of the Linbury Prize committee since 2002. He is Vice Chair for the Education Committee of the Organisation of International Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians (OISTAT). In 2007 Sean was Project Leader for the Prague Quadrennial Scenofest – an international festival of design and performance attracting some 30,000 visitors with over 5000 active participants. Sean was made an Honorary Fellow of the College in July 2007 and was appointed as an Associate Director at the Torch Theatre in 2010.

“I know my strongest work to date has been in allowing others to succeed, to manage environments that allow students, staff and projects to flourish. I enjoy challenges and love working with people of all ages who are passionate about their area of expertise.”
Sean Crowley

Jane Hodge Foundation International Chairs in Drama

  • Pamela Howard
  • Matthew Rhys
  • Michael Sheen
  • Simon Stephens

Jen Rowlands

Lecturer in Design for Performance (Scenic Art)
Jen Rowlands

"...half woman, half Crown emulsion, I love seeing students conquer their fear of large scale work, until eventually a piece of painting measuring 2m high seems like child’s play...

I am a painter, theatre designer and scenic artist, and love working in theatre because it’s an art form that is, when successful, very accessible to the public."

Jill Salen

Lecturer in Design for Performance (Costume)
Jill Salen

"I am passionate about creating costumes, reconstructions or realisations so working at RWCMD with its huge volume of shows ensures I have plenty of enthusiastic, motivated students to work with. For relaxation, I am a freelance costume maker and have worked on films and television series with Cosprop and Welsh National Opera this year. My secret vice is that I love research,"

Jill is the author of Vintage Lingerie; Patterns and Techniques, (Batsford 2011) and Corsets; Patterns and Techniques (2008), she is currently researching Retro Swimwear.

Karen Thomas

Lecturer in Design for Performance (Costume)
Karen Thomas







Rorie Brophy

Lecturer in Production and Design (Technical Arts)
Rorie Brophy







Lecturer in Design for Performance
Lucy Hall






Allie Saunders

Lecturer in Production & Design (Costume)
Allie Edge

A Wardrobe Mistress who lives and breathes her trade, Allie aka 'Mrs Cardiff' was recently photographed in an array of her costumes as part of the BigLittleCity exhibition (below).

Her professional work includes design for theatre, film and television, and more recently fashion styling for TV presenters and music videos.

Allie is herself a graduate of the college and is passionate about its work. She is very excited by the new working and learning environment provided by the recent re-development.

Allie Saunders - Mrs Cardiff

Lecturers in Historical and Contextual Studies

  • Geoff Moore
  • Elizabeth Friendship