Advanced Course

The Advanced Course is the flagship of the Junior Conservatoire, the only course of its kind in Wales and the South West of England. Its format is firmly based on the practical and academic conservatoire training offered in the ‘senior’ conservatoire – this is the main part of RWCMD, providing music degrees at higher education (HE) level for those who have left school.

The Advanced Course is geared to those aged 8 to 18 who show musical ability, commitment and outstanding potential. It is the perfect preparation for those who wish to study music at a conservatoire or university, as well as for those who want to fully develop their musical potential.

The Advanced course has two pathways: ‘Classical’ Instrument/Voice and Jazz.

The curriculum is geared to promoting the highest standards of musicianship and performance. Fundamental to the course is your individual instrumental/vocal lesson, but it is your group and class activities that provide the uniquely holistic approach to your musical development that only the Advanced Course can offer.