Mini Music (4-8 years)

Mini Music student

Mini Music classes offer the chance for children aged 4-8 to take their first steps in music. The classes aim to stimulate and develop children’s natural curiosity and enjoyment in music through:

  • Rhythmic Movement – a fun activity designed to develop a strong awareness of rhythm and pulse through movement. As well as being enjoyable, this activity is also recognised as accelerating a thorough understanding of the musical elements.
  • Singing – an activity geared to promoting musicianship, ensemble skills and teamwork, as well as core singing skills. Many children gain a first experience of public performance in this activity, enjoying the real sense of achievement that comes through performing in a large group.

Many children will start learning an instrument through Mini Music and demonstrations of the violin, viola, cello, pBone and recorder will be given as part of the course. A package of instrumental lessons can be arranged in conjunction with Mini Music courses at an additional cost.

In order for children to get the most out of Mini Music, we require one parent or carer to accompany each child in the class – and be prepared to sing and move! Unfortunately, we are not currently able to cater for siblings or friends who are not enrolled in the classes.

Mini Music classes run for one hour on Saturdays, usually in the morning or early afternoon.

The cost is £112 per term from September 2019 (10 weeks).

Download the Financial Regulations of the Junior Conservatoire.