Further Information & How to Book

How to Book

Download the relevant form, complete and return it to us with the relevant deposit / registration fee / full course fee as applicable.

Please be advised that by submitting your enrolment form, you are agreeing to our Rules and Regulations (see below) as well as the full Community Financial Regulations.

Rules and Regulations

1. A non-refundable deposit is payable at the time of booking. The remaining balance is payable 28 days before the start of your course and your summer school place cannot be held for you unless fees have been paid in full.

2. All course information is correct at the time of writing. We reserve the right to amend or cancel courses, change course location or tutors. If we need to cancel or change the location of your course, for operational reasons, we will attempt to notify you immediately by phone or email.

3. The course will run subject to demand. This means that if we are unable to run the course, we will advise you as soon as possible and issue a full refund.

4. If using the College’s Halls of Residence, Liberty Living, you should book accommodation directly with them. Please note that participants who are under the age of 18 and using these Halls must be accompanied by a parent or carer.

5. Cancellation Policy
i. If you cancel
If you cancel your summer school place between 0 and 8 days before the published start day of the course, or if you are absent without notice, the full course fee is payable.
If you cancel your summer school place between 8 and 28 days before the published start day of the course, 50% of the course fee is payable.
Your deposit is non-returnable, even if you cancel your place with 29 or more days’ notice.
ii. If the College cancels
If for any reason the College is unable to run your course, your fees will be refunded in full. The College is not liable for any other consequential loss and advises all students to take out insurance to cover cancellation.

6. Personal belongings
RWCMD cannot accept liability for any damage incurred to personal belongings whilst on College property. Students must keep all their possessions, including instruments, safe and secure at all times whilst in College.

7. Absence due to illness
If you are unable to attend part or all of your summer school due to illness, you must notify the Pre-College office on (029) 2039 1365 as soon as possible. Fees can only be refunded in the most exceptional circumstances. Please note that your deposit is non-refundable.

8. Concerns or Complaints
If you have any concerns whatsoever about your course, you are advised to contact the Head of the Pre-College department immediately on 029 2039 1365 or email summerschools@rwcmd.ac.uk. Fees can only be refunded in the most exceptional circumstances.
The College is committed to dealing with complaints in an equitable and consistent manner. The College expects students/parents/carers to raise their concerns if they are dissatisfied with any aspect of the delivery of its various services. In the first instance, concerns should be addressed to your course tutor. The College will aim to deal with complaints informally in the first instance. If this proves unsatisfactory, you – or if applicable, your parents/carers – may use the College’s formal complaint procedure which can be initiated by putting the complaint in writing to the Principal.

9. Arrival/Departure
You must:

  • arrive 15 minutes before the session is due to commence
  • sign in when you arrive
  • sign out before you leave

10. Equal Opportunities
The College is committed to equality of opportunity and opposes discrimination against anyone because of their race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, disability, class, age, religion or marital or employment status. The College will expect you to behave in a manner which supports its commitment to equal opportunities.

11. Health & Safety
You have individual responsibility to act with reasonable care for your own health and safety and for that of others who may be affected by your acts or omissions. You must co-operate with those persons who are responsible for health and safety to enable them to carry out their duties (under Section 7 and 8 HASAWA'74). You are required to adhere to the following basic health and safety procedures:

  • register/sign out as directed
  • report anything you perceive to be a risk to yourself or others to your course tutor or the Pre-College office
  • know the emergency evacuation procedure
  • know where to obtain first aid if required

12. Conduct
You are expected at all times to:

  • behave appropriately
  • to treat fellow students, tutors, staff and other College users with consideration
  • respect the College environment and other students’ learning experiences
  • follow instructions given by College staff

Serious cases of misconduct will be dealt with under the under the principles set out in the RWCMD “Regulations Governing Student Conduct”, a copy of which is available on request.

13. Parking
You and – if applicable, your parents/carers – are not permitted to park in the College grounds.