Why Wales?

Wales is part of Britain and the United Kingdom. It is situated to the west of England and is around 170 miles (256 km) long and 60 miles (96 km) wide. It covers just over 8,000 square miles (20,722 km²) – that’s about the same size as Massachusetts in the USA or half the size of Switzerland.

Cardiff is its capital city and although it is just two hours by train from London, it is a thriving capital city in its own right with a distinctly Welsh character – friendly, welcoming and fun.


Wales may be a small country but we have three national parks and five areas of outstanding national beauty. Surrounded by sea on three sides, Wales is the only country in the world to have a continuous coastal path stretching its entire length. This spectacular natural landscape makes Wales a popular location for filming and it has provided a setting for numerous Hollywood blockbusters.

Wales is rich in history and culture, and for a small country has produced an exceptional number of world-renowned artists and performers including the likes of Dylan Thomas, Richard Burton, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Michael Sheen, Dame Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones and Bryn Terfel. The constantly evolving Welsh music scene is steeped in tradition.

The Creative Industries sector is the fastest growing in Wales, thanks to its great location, skilled workforce and a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship. This diverse sector ranges from world-class orchestras and opera companies to international film and TV production, digital media, animation and software.

Although the majority of people living in Wales can speak English, the Welsh language continues to thrive. Half a million people in Wales can speak Welsh; that’s around a fifth of the population. Our place names may look complicated but once you know the rules, you can learn to read and pronounce Welsh fairly easily.



"Extraordinary beauty, wonderful people and great hospitality."

Barack Obama