Emma Stevens-Johnson

Voice Tutor

Emma Stevens-Johnson has a long and distinguished career in vocal tuition for film, television and theatre. She has recently finished work as accent and dialect coach on the critically acclaimed Here I Belong with Pentabus Theatre company and Ordinary Lives (Series 2 BBC1 Red Productions) and Mountaintop (F10 Theatre Company). Emma has been interviewed numerous times on radio, television and in the national press. Her work has also been highlighted in the BBC Wales documentary ‘Vicar Academy’.

Emma Stevens-Johnson has worked with numerous people from many backgrounds. Her clients have included Rebekah Staton (Ordinary Lies), Rod Hallet (Ant Man), Rhod Gilbert, Ed Stoppard (Upstairs, Downstairs), Gabriella Marcinkova (360), Sharon Morgan, Lee Jones (The Bastard Executioner/Home & Away), Sam Spruell (Snow White and the Huntsman), Gareth Bale, Katey Segal (Married with Kids), Kurt Stutter (Sons of Anarchy), Scott Haran, Darren Evans, Sara Lloyd-Gregory, Pooneh Hajimohammadi (The Machine), Leona Vaughan (Wolf Blood, Stella) and Yasmin Paige (Submarine).